How To Renew Car Registration Online?

UAE car owners must renew their car registration every year. Recently, the UAE government announced an online vehicle registration service that allows you to renew your car registration without removing it from the safety of your home.

Here is a detailed description of how you can renew your car registration online in the UAE. Generally, you will need to inspect the car before registering. However, to simplify the renewal process, physical inspections of vehicles, which are usually part of the vehicle registration renewal process, have been free until July 2020. Please note that this rule applies to vehicles whose Registration expires after October 31, 2019.

Vehicle owners are also exempted from black traffic points during this time, and you can still renew your car registration online in UAE. However, please note that traffic fines will not be ignored and will remain on file with the vehicle.

Here is a step-by-step guide to renewing vehicle registration online in UAE.


After downloading the Dubai Drive app, launch the app to go through the online registration process and go to the 'RTA Services' section.

Select 'My Vehicles' on the dashboard, then 'Renew Vehicles.'You can also use the official RTA Dubai website and app for this process. Quickly login with your RTA user ID and password and pay the RTA renewal fee through e-Payment.

You will enter all the relevant details, after which a confirmation screen will appear with the vehicle and insurance details. This service fee varies depending on the type of vehicle and when it is used privately or commercially. You may receive a temporary registration notice, which you can print immediately (or save as an electronic copy on your smartphone or tablet).

When you receive the card while waiting for a new registration plate, you can also choose options that include picking it up from courier service, PO box, or the nearest RTA Happiness Center.

Generally, the RTA renewal process takes at least five business days to complete. Once you receive your new plate through your delivery method, you should verify that the sizes and numbers plate is real.

If you have made a mistake, you need to contact RTA immediately through their online channels. If you do not report the difference within two business days, you will need to start the RTA renewal process completely to get the correct plates.

Personal Method

You have to wait in line at the registration center and pay the renewal fee in this procedure. The renewal fee is D350 in both UAE and Abu Dhabi. You can then withdraw your renewed registration card. You are also given a new registration label with a new expiration date. Attach this sticker to the old license plate on the back of your car.

How Much It Takes To Renew Vehicles?

380 AED are needed to renew car registration online in Dubai. RTA renewal is valid for one year. Additional charges AED 25 courier fee are included. For the next three months, you do not have to pay the vehicle inspection fee, equal to AED 170.

Which Documents Are Required To Renew Car?

To apply for a car registration renewal online in Dubai, you need to get your car insurance or renew it. Also, you will need your UAE ID to complete the application.
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Valid Driving License
  • Renewed Vehicle Insurance
  • Old Vehicle Registration Card
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate

Can Someone Else Do Your Car Registration Work?

To utilize this service, you only need to visit the RTA Customer Service Center, and you will receive a PIN on your mobile after registering your details there. Anyone with this PIN can register with your RTA. There can be the registration of a car or several cars in your name. Processes such as selling, exporting, and transferring license plates can also be done through this secure PIN. Aslso Read Chiller Truck Rental.

Note: The PIN expires as soon as your representative comes to RTA for work. However, you will need to obtain a new PIN through RTA's "Personal Appearance Service" for more delegate visits.
Wind Up

By following the simple steps in this procedure, you can renew your car registration in Abu Dhabi and UAE. However, do not forget the expiration date of your car registration and the one-month discount period; or you must have to pay a fine.

Also, a revised online insurance policy is needed. You can also get your car insurance online. If you are looking for an insurance policy online, you can make an informed decision by comparing insurance plans online.


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